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RSA was founded in 2015 and has trained a number of students professionals for careers in Entertainment and ICT Business .

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Our instructors have the necessary skill to train you . They will help you to achieve the right set of skills .

RSA awards an alumini

RSA awards a video student for setting up his own special business . These are some of the recognition students gain for being part of us .


A photo of some of our students in class . Students prepare for a new class session with video instructor .

RSA courses are categorized under two main areas . They are divided into Tailored and Regular courses . To find out more , go to the course page .

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Take regular classes as usual on compus . Get the skills directly from the class to practice the more .


Allows opens up the path for great flexibility and we are more than happy to enroll in this category to help students .

Our admission department is always open to those who have interest in joining us at RSA . If you need help with that you can make contact with us for more .

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KNUST campus

For those at within KNUST and nearby areas , we encourage you to visit our office within the KNUST museum also known as Kumasi Business Incubator(KBI).

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To register with us , you can please contact us with a call , email or visit us to know more .


RSA was founded in the year 2015 . Despite a few years in the environment of computer programming , RSA has been able to train good and incredible students , professionals and others who are now qualified as full-time developers in many areas of the digital industry .Students, Individuals, Companies and other professionals enroll in courses such as 3D Animation , 2D Animation , Video editing, Visual Effects and Software Development using incredible API`s and special frameworks for the job . Our main headquarters can be found within the KNUST Campus near the commercial area . Our main office is at the Kumasi Business Incubator (KBI) on KNUST campus . We have been accredited and qualified to offer certified certificates to students after completion of their various courses . Furthermore , RSA helps students and professional programmers to get high-paid contracted projects . RSA is still in the business of building the industry by producing new and upcoming CEO's. Please scroll for more details.


Real Skill Academy is accredited and recognized by the COUNCIL for Technical and Vocational Training ( COTVET ) .

COUNCIL for Technical and Vocational Training ( COTVET ) is a national body set up by an Act of Parliament of the Republic of Ghana to co-ordinate and oversee all aspects of the technical and vocational education and training in the country . Our major objective is to formulate policies for skills development across the broad spectrum of pre-tertiary and tertiary education , formal, informal and non-formal sectors .

Instructors interact a lot with students to ensure excellent progress in the skill aquisition stages and offers the necessary helps needed . A photo of an ongoing class with students working on a 3D project . At RSA everything is about practice . Be part of us and become a professional . Here the communication between the instructors and the students are very effective . This creates a great and effective environment to help you learn and gain the sort of understanding you really want .

A Video & Photography afternoon lesson goes on as an instructor assists students on how to go about the work . RSA is there for you so therefore all our time is reserved for your your consumption . With RSA you can gain a deep knowledge aboout all courses and the tools used by instructors to teach are convienient and widely used by all others in the industry .

* Real Skill Academy is in accordance with the best practices of COTVET ISO Standards of both the Republic of Ghana and worldwide .

Registration is still ongoing .