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RSA was founded in 2015 and has trained a number of students professionals for careers in Entertainment and ICT Business .

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Our instructors have the necessary skill to train you . They will help you to achieve the right set of skills .

RSA awards an alumini

RSA awards a video student for setting up his own special business . These are some of the recognition students gain for being part of us .


A photo of some of our students in class . Students prepare for a new class session with video instructor .

RSA courses are categorized under two main areas . They are divided into Tailored and Regular courses . To find out more , go to the course page .

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Take regular classes as usual on compus . Get the skills directly from the class to practice the more .


Allows opens up the path for great flexibility and we are more than happy to enroll in this category to help students .

Our admission department is always open to those who have interest in joining us at RSA . If you need help with that you can make contact with us for more .

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KNUST campus

For those who are in KNUST , if you want to be part of this school you can come to the KBI opposite Africa Hall .

Other interested people

To register with us , you can please contact us with mobile or mail or come to KNUST and ask for KBI . We shall welcome you with the process .

Duration : Three months and One year respectively
Course requirement : Recommended Laptop, Flashdrive and etc • Read more ...
Software : Notepad++ , Xampp and Web browsers (Chrome , Mozilla firefox , Opera , MS Edge and possibly Torch .)


Master the art of Web Developement by a step by step approach in learning all there is to know in creating a website right from the scratch to producing a fully functional website. At real Skill Academy, you must be able to create a website all by yourself after going through our training, the good news is that we help you get contracts after proving yourself with what you can do. After every session or batch, students are required to demonstrate their projects before a panel to be awarded a certificate. Every project is beind supervised and done in class to ensure you are the rightful producer of it.



8:45am - 2:30pm

3:00pm - 5:30pm

Registration is still ongoing .